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– animated film series and gaming.


IB THE DOG is entertainment for 2-6 year olds. The little white dog with black ears has a zest for life and approaches it with great curiosity and an open mind.


In the 13 films we encounter – with Ib –  life’s harsh realities. It is when having a quarrel with his best friend or being teased by the big ones. Despite the fact that Ib is neither brave nor strong, but in his own mind quite lucky, he finds out that there are many ways of doing things, and that when finding your own, this is perhaps also the best one. With IB’s immediate approach to life the stories become warm, humorous and insightful.


IB THE DOG will interest and entertain the youngest, but the stories, the way they are told and the illustrations will also challenge the 6 year-olds. The older the child, the better understanding of the linguistic quirks and the rather complex situations we encounter IB in.


So far four books about Ib has been published. Now, another 22 stories has been written. Besides books, the stories about IB is developed for other platforms among other smartphones and tablets.


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Screenplay: Peter Nordahl

Director: Trine Laier

Design: Rasmus Bregnhøi

Producers: Lise Saxtrup/Henrik Danstrup Holst

IB THE DOG is produced with support from The Danish Film Institute and MEDIA.

IB THE DOG is produced by Klassefilm Aps, PortaPlay Aps and Hunden Ib Aps


Trine Laier, director with background in animation since 1991. Graduated from the Danish Film School in 2012 as film- and game director. On a daily basis Trine secures the user experience and defines the final expression of the productions.

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