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EAT TO MEET is a game about what food does to the body.


The idea behind EAT TO MEET is that you create knowledge and become aware of what you eat and how it affects you. Research and curiosity are facilitated digitally and can be easily integrated into the “real world” in order to develop their knowledge of food and eating habits, as well as the body and body functions.


The digital univers and educational material EAT TO MEET is based on the original and critically acclaimed: SPISEBOGEN by author and nutrition expert Urmila Bruun.


The game is available for iOS and Android.


You can access the food cards from the game by downloading this pdf. The pdf can be printed and the cards cut out to be used in teaching, memory games or other things.



Game design, Sr: Didier Agani

Game design, Jr: Kikko Henriksen

Programming: Kristian W.-Torgard

Level design: Jannik Faarvang Petersen

Technical artist: Jon Murray Vinther

Sound design: Anne Gry Friis Kristensen

Sound design: Peter Storm Wich

Composer: Bjørn Svin

Producer, marketing and sales: Henrik Danstrup Holst

Producer, production and development: Lise Saxtrup



With thanks to:

Urmila Bruun Lautrup, Stine Kjøller Petersen, Anne Brus, Nina Kongsholm, Marie Oosterbaan, Trine Laier, Astrid Refstrup, Andreas Busk and Kristian Paulsen .


And many thanks to all of our testers.



Developed with support from the Danish Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and KL



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