About Klassefilm

KLASSEFILM was established in 2004 by Lise Saxtrup. KLASSEFILM produces visually strong and soulful documentaries with high artistic value.

KLASSEFILM aims at telling beautiful and thought-provoking stories sprouting from reality. In 2009 the company entered the field of games and animation and has since been exploring and producing several trans-media projects. We are highly interested in the encounters that art and media can form between and among people, creating spaces for reflection and transformation.


KLASSEFILM sets a pride in developing projects – it being documentary, animation or trans-media – in close creative dialogue with the directors. Responsible for funding, Lise Saxtrup further works closely with the Scandinavian film institutes, European public service broadcasters and other financial partners within Denmark and abroad.

Among other titles: Dreaming of Denmark, Life According to Anton, Dance for Me.

Lise Saxtrup is an EMMY nominated producer and owner of KLASSEFILM since 2004. Interested in the sensitive and character-driven drama that challenges and questions our norms and values. Lise Saxtrup is MSc. in cultural geography and history of art from the University of Copenhagen. She is trained in the Danish School of Journalism and Super16.

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