Privacy Policy

November 14, 2018

Information we collect through the Cosmic Top Secret game

The game uses a number of third party services (Google Play Games on Android and Apple Game Center on iOS) that collect anonymous information when playing. This information can include, but is not limited to, game progress, achievements, geographical location, and IP address.

These services can be skipped by not logging in to them when the game starts. Please read the policies of the third parties listed below for more information.

The game also uses Unity Analytics to help us track player activity and progress. Klassefilm Aps use this information to help us see how many people are playing the game at different times, how far players get in the game, which platforms they are on, and where in the world they are playing. In addition we ask the player to provide a profile name and an optional secret when the game starts. This will only be shared with us by the player’s explicit consent during the game and is not traceable to any personal identifiable information.

The player can request their data or opt out of Unity Analytics by clicking the ‘Unity Data Privacy Page’ button in the Settings menu in the game. Please read Unity’s own privacy policy for more information below.


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