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THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG – VR (in development)

We are curious: What is OPERA?

Can we recreate Wagner’s marvellous THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG as a virtual and playable experience? As an assemblage of classic versions of the performance and production within a framework of modern avant-garde game design and user involvement?


It will be a revitalization of the traditional opera form, where the story, the music and songs will live on, but the performance itself is digital, sampled and addressing a ‘younger’ audience who are curious, but unfamiliar with opera – just as we are.


Included in the virtual experience will be the question of ‘how to’ properly attend an opera performance. Do we understand the rules for correct behaviour? How should we dress? By incorporating these typical concerns of “opera newbies”, we mirror Siegfrieds journey and eagerness to understand fear – with our own fears of not living up to social conventions.



Director: Trine Laier
Producer: Lise Saxtrup
Programmer: Kristian Torgard
Art & Level Designer: Jannik Faarvang Petersen

Supported by The Danish Film Institute (DFI)


Trine Laier, director with background in animation since 1991. Graduated from the Danish Film School in 2012 as film- and game director. On a daily basis Trine secures the user experience and defines the final expression of the productions.

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