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– A film by Ziska Szemes

Year: 2009. Duration: 28 min.


Ziska is born and raised in Sweden. Never the less she is often asked where she comes froms since she does not look Swedish. In ME & MY NOSE Ziska is off on a journey to find out if she is Swedish, how to get a Swedish nose and what a Swedish nose really looks like.


She ends her journey in Copenhagen where she lives with her family. She has found that she will never become Swedish or Danish in a way where she will be one of ‘us Danes’ – or one of ‘us Swedes’. She needs to be Swedish and Danish in her own way.


ME & MY NOSE is a film about identity. As audience we join her on her journey when she takes off to find her identity. We are with her, experiencing her confusion about what she is – Swedish, Danish, Parsee, immigrant. The theme is up to date and hits the Zeitgeist – not only in the Nordic countries, but in the Western world as a whole. ME & MY NOSE is a documentary added elements of animation and special effects. The film contributes to the debate on integration and national values, taking place in Danish and Swedish society.



Director: Ziska Szemes

Producer: Lise Saxtrup

Script: Ziska Szemes and Mikkel Hede

Editor: Charlotte Arnholtz

Cinematographer: Erik Molberg Hansen, DFF

Sound design: Christian Lørup


The film is co-produced with KRAFTFILM, Malin Söderlund.

ME & MY NOSE is developed by Ziska Szemes and Lise Saxtrup in KLASSEFILM in co-operation with the Danish Film Institute and MEDIA New Talent.


ME & MY NOSE is supported by the Danish Film Institute, TV 2 Denmark, Undervisingsministeriets Tips- og Lottomidler, the Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Television, Nordic Film- and TV Fund and Animationssammenslutningen.



ME & MY NOSE was screened at the following festivals: CPH:DOX (2009), GIFF (2010), Tempo (2010), Films de Femmes in Creteil (2010), Lilla Festivalen (2010), One Word International Festival (2011), Manlleu Film Festival (2011). The film won Créteil University Jury Award for Best European Short Film at Films de Femmes in Creteil i 2010.

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