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A Danish documentary about four women living with incurable breast cancer.



– A documentary by Christine Albeck Børge

Year: 2020. Duration: 58 min.


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In the documentary we meet Lisbet, Sabrina, Tine and Marie, who all live with incurable breast cancer.


The four women have been brought together by sharing the same illness. They share their deeply personal reflections on the life that is left, on existence, on intimacy, on relationships, and on guilt. They do not have time for trivialities in their lives. They are close and none of them would do without the group, but what is impossible to disregard is that they will lose each other. Consequently, they are constantly reminded that they can be the next to go.


How do you live your life when serious illness is made part of your identity? When you are the bearer of most people’s greatest fears? Which interactions do you then have with the outside world?




Director: Christine Albeck Børge

Edit: Marie-Louise Bordinggaard and Lotte Bergstrøm

Producer: Lise Saxtrup

Cinematographer: Natascha Thiara Rydvald, DFF

Sound engineers: Martin Saabye Andersen and Lars Lund

Sound designers: Mira Elisabeth Falk and Brian Dyrby

Music: Jeanett Albeck

Music co-producer: Tore Nissen

Graphic designer: Rasmus Lange

Color grading: Rune Felix Holm

Post producer: Jakob Schaumburg

Producer assistants: Julia Mejnertsen and Andreas Jespersen


With support from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (editor Anders Thomasen) and the Danish Arts Foundation.

About the director

Director Christine Albeck Børge graduated from acting school at Odense Theater.

Christine has been a regular member of the acting ensemble at the Mungo Park Theater in Allerød for eight years, as well as artistic and conceptual director of the experimental stage Mungo LAB at the Mungo Park Theater for a period of five years. She has also acted in countless theatre performances around Denmark for the past twenty years.

“Life while we postpone death” is Christine’s directing debut.

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