- a film by Anna Lindenhoff Elming og Max Kestner


1985 witnessed a dramatic conflict in which the students' union, The National Students' Organization, was divided in two. The event was triggered by the political youth party's desire to gain more power within the national organization.


During the 1970s and into the early 1980s students increasingly gained a voice within the Danish society. The political currents in Denmark; democracy, and the welfare system, amongst other factors, encouraged that children be heard on school councils and school boards and the National Students' Organization (LOE) had the power to mobilize several thousands of young students to demonstrate against cutbacks and the diminished quality of public school education.


For many years the Danish Communist Youth Party (DKU) adopted as one of its prime objectives to actively participate in this development and to organize young students within the LOE. However, in the early 80s the Young Social Democrats (DSU) began to show an increasing interest in the same field. DKU had no intention of sharing its power within the Organization and as such conflict amongst the students arose.


In Spring 1985, the LEO split into two organizations with both claiming to be the primary union for the students. The LOE and the Danish Student Organization (DEO) could no longer work together and the students never regained their political voice.


SCHOOL YARD SPIES is a film about power and democracy, strategy and action. The key characters, all of who participated in the LOE split at the age of 13, 14 and 15, are interviewed in the film. We confront them with the story that they were the instigators of and verify their answers against historical archives to find out what really happened in 1985.


Length: 48'

Genre: Dokumentar

Directors: Anna Lindenhoff Elming og Max Kestner

Producer: Lise Saxtrup

Script: Anna Lindenhoff Elming og Max Kestner

Editor: Nanna Frank Møller

Cinematographers: Erik Molberg Hansen, DFF og Lars Bonde, DFF

Sound design: Asser Borgen


The film is produced with support from the Danish Film Institute, Dola Bonfils, Undervisningsministeriets tips- og lottomidler and Danmarks  Journalistforbunds ophavsretsfond.


The film is co-produced with DR


© Team Productions ApS and Klassefilm, 2007