After fleeing his native country of Afghanistan at just 15, Wasiullah has spent his adolescent years in Denmark, relishing in teenage antics but also nervously awaiting acceptance for permanent residency. Denmark provides support for unaccompanied child refugees such as Wasi and his friends, but only until they reach 18. Then, they are on their own.

Michael Graversen’s eye-opening film investigates what happens to the many refugee children who disappear from asylum centres year after year when their application for asylum is rejected. It provides brutally honest depictions of the transience, isolation and frightening uncertainty they face.

A crucial piece of modern filmmaking, DREAMING OF DENMARK finally gives an authentic voice to those who desperately need to be heard.

Dreaming of Denmark is supported by DFI and Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Distribution by Autlook Filmsales

Director Michael Graversen has for many years followed the young Wasiullah. The close relationship between them has given him a unique access to Wasiullah’s life underground in Europe. For Wasiullah, the dream of one day returning to the safety of little Denmark has become the driving force for his survival.


Wasiullah struggles to keep up his life as a normal young man, but it is not easy to keep track of who you are when you live on the shady side of society and constantly are forced to change and alter your identity. One day Michael receives a call. Wasiullah has lost his memory.


Dreaming of Denmark is supported by DFI and DR.


The film is sold by Autlook Filmsales