- a film by Katrine Philp 



Denmark produces many international dance stars and everything depends on having the perfect partner to reach the top. But in a small country it is not always easy to find the right one. Russian Egor (15) goes to Denmark to dance with Mie (14) and pursue his dream.


At their first international tournament they rank really bad and at home problems are piling up. Egor is having a hard time adjusting to the different life in Denmark. Suddenly things change completely on the dance floor and Mie and Egor win the Danish Championship and they are selected to represent Denmark at the European Championship. They are on their way to the top.


DANCE FOR ME follows Egor on his journey filled with great expectations, loneliness, cultural challenges and a constant requirement to perform. It is a film about a vulnerable young male dancer that has left everything behind for a new life in a totally strange family and culture. With sensitivity and insight Katrine Philp unravels the story in a poetic and aesthetic way.


DANCE FOR ME is a documentary film about two young and deeply passionate dancers where the ambition of success overshadows everything else.



Genre: Documentary

Director: Katrine Philp

Producer: Lise Saxtrup


Cinematographers: Sophia Olsson, Niels Thastum, Sturla Brandt Grøvlen 

Editor: Signe Rebekka Kaufmann

Sound design: Sille Just Boel

Film composer: Uno Helmersson


Domestic release: 17. april 2013

Country of production: Danmark

Language: Danish, English, Russian

Duration: 80/58 min

With support of The Danish Film Institute and Danish Broadcast Corporation.

Developed with support of DOK.Incubator


International sales: Rise and Shine World SalesSchlesische Str. 29/30, 10997 Berlin, Germany,

t 49 30 4737 298 10

Festival distribution: The Danish Filminstitute



Festivals and Awards:

Palm Springs, AmDocs, April 4th 2013. Winner of "Audience Favorit Award" (international)

Durham, Full Frame, April 4th 2013

Auckland Documentary Edge Festival, April 1st 2013

Amsterdam, IDFA. Nominated in First appearance, Nov 14th 2012

Copenhagen, CPH:DOX, Nov 1st 2012