MY FAITH (in production)

-A film series by Cathrine Marchen Asmussen.


12 children and 12 different faiths. They might all seem very different, but in fact our protagonists have a whole lot in common through their faiths. They share the feeling of being connected to something bigger than themselves; whether they hug trees, greet the angels on their shoulders, imagine life after death or the cure of God. The films about Mira, Natalie, Asmir and Lukas are the first 4 films out of 12. The stories depict religion as the children themselves experience it; something that brings them security and joy, excitment and mystery, as well as some quite specific tools to handle everyday life.


”It’s just like having a teddy bear that you really love and that have been with you since you were born. My faith is somehow my teddy bear” – Natalie, 11 years old.



Director: Cathrine Marchen Asmussen

Producer: Lise Saxtrup


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