EAT TO MEET (in production)

What is food made of? And how does it affect our bodies? What happens if we do not eat certain things – or if we eat a lot of something?


Svend and Ingvild are best friends. To meet and play together, they need energy. Every day, they overcome new challenges related to nutrition to meet up. For instance they eat strong coloured food like mango (a-vitamine) to improve “night vision” and find each other in the dark. To complete the game, the player will have to try to eat everything in the game.


EAT TO MEET are playable sequences that let the player understand the action-effect in the field of health and food. EAT TO MEET is a curious encounter and exploration of what food does to the body. Focus is on well-being, socialization, learning and the correlation between food and the body. The universe is an innovative linking of didactics and modern technologies possibilities for experience-based learning.



Director: Trine Laier
Producer: Lise Saxtrup
Programmer: Kristian Torgard
Art & Level Designer: Jannik Faarvang Petersen

Art Director: Astrid Refstrup


Supported by DR RAMASJANG and The Danish Ministry of Education



Trine Laier, director with background in animation since 1991. Graduated from the Danish Film School in 2012 as film- and game director. On a daily basis Trine secures the user experience and defines the final expression of the productions.

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