DR1 shows MY LOVE

af Klassefilm 04/01/2013

Watch MY LOVE on DR1 Thursday 21st February 2013 at 8.30 pm.

The TV title is DA POUL SPRANG UD.

DANCE FOR ME screens at IDFA

af Klassefilm 05/11/2012

DANCE FOR ME by Katrine Philp will be screened at IDFA in the competition "First appearance" the following days:

November 20 at 8:15 pm

November 22 at 1 pm

November 23 at 9:15 pm

November 24 at 11 pm

Find out more details here


af Klassefilm 31/10/2012

Don't miss out on MY LOVE and DANCE FOR ME at CPH:DOX.


MY LOVE screens

November 3 in Dagmar Teatret at 9:30 pm

November 6 in Falkoner Biografen at 9:45 pm

November 11 in Empire Bio at 5:30 pm


DANCE FOR ME screens

November 1 in Empire Bio at 8 pm

November 5 in Falkoner Biografen at 9:45 pm

November 11 in Teater Grob at 7 pm

Book your tickets now!


DANCE FOR ME premieres at CPH:DOX

af Klassefilm 25/10/2012

DANCE FOR ME by Katrine Philp will premiere at CPH:DOX 1st of November 8pm in Empire Bio.


af Klassefilm 16/10/2012

You can watch MY LOVE by Iben Haahr Andersen at this years' MIX Copenhagen festival October 19 in Empire Bio at 9:30 pm, October 20 in Aarhus, Metropol at 9:30 pm and October 27 in Empire Bio at 5:30 pm. The film also screens at CPH:DOX November 3 in Dagmar 9:30 pm, November 6 in Falkoner Bio 9:45 pm and  November 11 in Empire Bio 5:30 pm. Book your tickets now!
MIX Copenhagen