New Books about Ib the Dog

af Klassefilm 17/11/2014

Gyldendal publishes three new books about Ib the Dog.

From November 2015 we can enjoy "Ib helps the Duck", "Ib feed the Ants" and "Ib screws off the extra wheels"

Anton to be granted production support

af Klassefilm 07/10/2014

Iben Haahr Andersens film about Anton Hemmingsen has been granted support from Danish Film Institute and DR1.

Cosmic Top Secret granted funding from Creative Europe

af Klassefilm 15/08/2014

With support of Creative Europe and a granted max support of € 150.000, the development of the game can go on. A playable demo #2 to be ready in the beginning of 2015.

DANCE FOR ME on POV, July 21st 2014

af Klassefilm 21/07/2014

USA Today wrote about the screening on July 21st, 2014:

“You think we're the only country that goes a little crazy for competition? Welcome to Denmark, where ballroom dance competitors import their partners.”

—Robert Bianco, USA Today

COSMIC TOP SECRET demo production succesfully ended

af Klassefilm 29/06/2014

It looks like first level of COSMIC TOP SECRET. Demo production ended in June. Now it's time for testing.