Anton to be granted production support

af Klassefilm 07/10/2014

Iben Haahr Andersens film about Anton Hemmingsen has been granted support from Danish Film Institute and DR1.

Cosmic Top Secret granted funding from Creative Europe

af Klassefilm 15/08/2014

With support of Creative Europe and a granted max support of € 150.000, the development of the game can go on. A playable demo #2 to be ready in the beginning of 2015.

DANCE FOR ME on POV, July 21st 2014

af Klassefilm 21/07/2014

USA Today wrote about the screening on July 21st, 2014:

“You think we're the only country that goes a little crazy for competition? Welcome to Denmark, where ballroom dance competitors import their partners.”

—Robert Bianco, USA Today

COSMIC TOP SECRET demo production succesfully ended

af Klassefilm 29/06/2014

It looks like first level of COSMIC TOP SECRET. Demo production ended in June. Now it's time for testing.


af Klassefilm 15/04/2014

The U.S. television network, POV bought Dance for Me. The TV station covers 97% of the U.S. and buys 14 foreign films each season. Great to be able to deliver to the American people.